Pay Per Click Advertisement is the most effective way to generate quick leads and sales. Unlike other marketing medium, you don't have to wait for weeks or months to see result.

Secondly, you have full control on your PPC advertisement like budget, audience and you can decide how much you want to spend and who should see your ads. You also get 100% accurate reports on your spends and ROI.

PPC Banner and remarketing ads help in branding and generating leads & sales at low cost.


  • expand_lessAdvertise on Google Search Results
    Show your business product/service at top positions on Google Search Result Page, when people search on google and find the most relevant customers for your business.
  • expand_lessGoogle Display Advertisement
    Are you spending too much of your advertisement budget on Hordings, Posters & Leaflets? Try Google Display Ads to show your products/services across the web to the most potential customers of your business.
  • expand_lessGoogle Remarketing Advertisement
    Start advertising your business to the people who visited your store or website once. With Google Remarketing Ads you can convert the interested people to your loyal business customers.
  • expand_lessYoutube Advertisements
    Youtube is the most most visited website after Google in this planet. Advertise your business on Youtube with In-Stream Video Ads, Banner Ads & Overlay Text Ads. With our advanced setup we can target your audiance by age, gender, location, ineterst & behaviour etc.
  • expand_lessCall Only Advertisement
    How about getting more calls from the potential customers of your business? Get it done with Google's Call Only Ads & start recieving more calls from people who are interested in your product/service.
  • expand_lessGmail Advertisement
    G-Mail is world's most widely used free E-Mail Service by Google. Advertise your Business to the G-Mail users with many scopes of choosing the most potential audiance for your business.
  • expand_lessApp Install Campaigns
    Do you have a mobile app for your business? Start advertising with Google's App Install Campaigns & find more people installing your mobile app to stay connected with your audiance.


  • expand_lessFacebook Brand Awareness Advertisement
    Choose the most potential audiance for your business and make it a brand name among them with more likes, clicks & impressions on Facebook and Instagram.
  • expand_lessFacebook Web Traffic Ads
    Looking for more traffic? Then advertising in Facebook’s more than 1 billion users might be the cost effective way to get more visitors that you’ve been looking for. We create compelling and eye-catching ads as well as properly target those ads to specific demographics and interest groups to bring more web traffic.
  • expand_lessFacebook Conversion & Remarketing Ads
    With optimised Conversion Ads for your business drive more people from Facebook to your website to take actions such as shopping or filling in a form. Again, remarketing with facebook pixel brings back the website visitors who didn't convert on first visit.
  • expand_lessFacebook Message & Lead Ads
    Does your business require direct interaction with your customers to generate a slae or conversion? If Yes, then Facebook Message & Lead ads are the perfect solution for your advertising needs.
  • expand_lessFacebook Video Views Ads
    Facebook video ads are the best way to ensure people remember your brand and come back to your site. You Create engaging video ads for your business & we help you reach your audience or drive sales with Facebook's powerful Video Views Ads.
  • expand_lessFacebook Store Visit Ads
    Do you own a Store? If Yes, then it's time to encourage people in your locality to visit your store. Drive store visits and In-Store sales with the Facebook Store Visit Ads.
  • expand_lessFacebook App Install Ads
    Are you thinking of connecting to right users for the mobile app of your business? We help you promoting your mobile app to new potential users and get them to download the app with Facebook App Install ads.

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What is PPC advertisement?

 PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Its a model of Digital Marketing where you can display your ads on various digital platforms of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing & many more; and your ads are charged only when someone clicks on it.

Is PPC advertisement better than traditional ad platforms like News Papers, Hordings, Posters & Leaflets?

 PPC Advertising - be it on Google or Facebook, is far more ahead of traditional ad platforms in case of targeting the audience for your business. Unlike News Papers, Hordings & Poster Ads; with PPC advertisement you can target your audience by age group, gender, location, interest, behaviour, work profile etc. Thus, PPC advertisement gives you the complete control of choosing the right audience for your business to spend your advertisement budget wisely & efficiently.

I don't have any Website or E-mail. Can I start advert PPC advertisement for my business?

 PPC Advertisements do not requires a multi page website of your business, but you must have a PPC friendly landing web page which we can build for you free of cost. Also, we can guide you creating a free E-mail ID (if you don't have one) as it's the first requiremnt of PPC advertisement.

Is PPC advertisement cost effective?

 Yes. Because, in PPC advertisement you have complete control to choose the right audience for your business & you pay only for the advertising results. Thus it is statistically much more cost-effective than traditional media.

How much budget do I require to start PPC business for my business?

 You have complete freedom to define your advertising budget in PPC advertisement. Yes! you can start advertising with a daily budget as low as ₹100. Although, we suggest you a minimum daily budget after consultaion to grow your business & reach your business goals in a short span of time.

How to pay for PPC advertisements? What is the cost of your service?

 Different businesses have differt goals; so we have different PPC marketing solution to diffrent businesses. Here is the process how we work on budget & decide the cost of our service -
1. We provide free business consultation & free PCC acount audit with our Google Certified PPC Expert.
2. Then, we suggest you monthly ads spend amount on differnt PPC advertising network (Google, facebook, Bing etc.) based on your business goals and cometition in the market. We prefer you to pay directly to Google or Facebook with your credit/debit card or net banking.
3. Afterwards, we start setting up your PPC campaigns for which we charge One time Setup Fees as it involves lots of research, time & expertise in setting up an account. This fees may vary starting from ₹3,000 upto ₹15,000 depending upon the work & time involved.
4. Finaly we manage and optimize performance of all your PPC Ads on daily basis providing you daily, weekly & detailed monthly reports. For this work & time, we charge you a small monthly management fees which depends upon type of business, budget and work involve. Our minimum monthly management fees start from ₹1,500 per month.

I am advertising my business with PPC advertisement using Google / Facebook, but not getting results/leads/conversions. Can you help?

  Yes, we are here to help you. There are many factors which need to be setup correctly within Adwords / Facebook Ad Manager to improve the results of your campaigns. Call us and get a free audit of your PPC accounts form our experts so that we can help you.

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